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Customer Rides Section


Here are photographs of the our favorite cars-those of our customers! If you are one of our customers, and would like to see your ride posted on these pages, please email us a JPEG. We are happy post it here, along with any pertinent information. Send us your photos, and if they show one of our parts inatalled on your ride, that's even better, but certainly not mandatory! We just want to see your ride!  Thanks!

Send your favorite shot of  your Hot Rod or Custom, in a JPEG only







Don R's Awesome '32 Roadster is Hot Rod Leather Equipped! We LOVE the side steer Don!  Well done!


Todd From Redding, CA sports a set of our Trunk Straps on his "Rum Runner"...Very Cool!!

Ron  L. From Canada runs our Deluxe Hood Straps on his superb little T-Modified! Known as "Ghost Rider", it's one of my personal favorites.  This stunner warrants a closer look!  Check this thing out!   "NEWS FLASH":  I hear this thing's headed for the 2011 Detroit Autorama, so if you're lucky enough to get to go, check it out!



Also from the great white north, well known Artist Jeff Norwell's incredible '32 truck, "THE DIAMOND DEUCE",  has been featured in major Hot Rodding magazines, and is Hot Rod Leather equipped!  Incredible truck!!


Gary H from NY-1948 MGTC-Nice Ride!



 Daves very cool-"Surf Shop Woody Wagon"



Todd from Redding, CA-"Fools Gold"



Shawn S.  Beautiful yellow  '29 Roadster!



Toast's Cool Bobber Truck, from OK is WAY more than OK!  This truck, and it's "Lake Style" headers was the inspiration for our "Why" Style Hood Straps.  They've turned out to be a popular solution to a very common situation!  Nice truck, Toast!



 Don S. '32 Roadster, "Old Crow Express"-SWEEEET!



Tom T. from Virginia-Super Nice "Soft-top"!


Curtiss B, Super Clean 350/Tri-Powered '38 Chevy Coupe, Hartford, CT


Mark, From SoCal is working on this Cool old Jalopy Pick'em-up!


Norcal's JONAS drives this sweet Flattie powered  HiBoy!



Costa Mesa, CA's Trestles126's RPU Is Looking Good!


 Henry From BC, Canada runs our Deluxe Hood Straps on this AWESOME Roadster!



Check out Slick Willy's '31 AV8 Roadster 21 stud flathead!  Is that AWESOME or WHAT?


OK, Here's one for ya'll-Carlos, from Paris, France just finished this awesome Hot Rod Leather Equiped Blue Chevy Coupe...Hot Rods, in FRANCE?  You bet!  Hot Rod Leather ships world wide!  And, Carlos flat nailed "THE LOOK"-Love those front fenders!


Brendan runs a set of our Shorty Hood Straps on this OUTSTANDING Flattie powered '35 project.  Think hood straps don't work on full fendered cars?  Think again, because this looks incredible!  Nice job Brendan!


Russ & Lin from North Carolina own this gorgeous Hot Rod Leather equipped '32 Soft Top.  Talk about getting everything right, it's even got Ford Power!  This is ONE SWEEEET RIDE!


Jack from sunny Florida owns this STYLIN'  1940 Ford!  What a beauty!  Hot Rod Leather does custom work, too.  Anything you can come up with, we can make it!  Check out the custom tie down straps we made for this beautiful GERSTNER tool box!


Norcal's Mike P's Gorgeous Pickup is Hot Rod Leather Equipped!  Now THAT'S  what we call trunk straps!


 Fuzzy's '28 Roadster is Hot Rod Leather Equipped - You nailed the stance, Fuzzy!  Lookin' Good!


Steve V from Mass built - or "re-built" -  this incredible show winning '70 Morgan +8 - Check out the new hood's now HOT ROD LEATHER Equipped!


Rich Z's sweetheart "Sally" is stylin' with her Hot Rod Leather supplied 50 Year Old Black Shorty Style Hood Straps-She's lookin' mighty fIne, Rich!!  LOVE the powder blue accent color!


Steve B's outstanding Deuce Pick-up is Hot Rod Leather equipped! My favorite color, too!  Great job!


With it's perfect stance and 3" chopped lid, Stamford CT's John V absolutely NAILED the full fender look with his AWESOME 351 C Cleveland powered '31 Roadster...Talk about getting EVERYTHING right! WOW!


Mike K. from Limington, ME owns this gorgeous '34 Coupe that's equipped with a set of HOT ROD LEATHER'S "Easy On/Easy Off" Shorty Style Hood Straps.  We love the Shorty Hood Straps with the full fenders, man, that's a GREAT look!


Ron M's OUTSTANDING Flattie Powered Yellow Sedan is equipped with Hot Rod Leather's "Easy On - Easy Off" Shorty Style Hood Straps, and this spectacular ride makes them look SO GOOD!  We also LOVE the yellow painted wheels, with caps & beauty rings-sweet!  Incredible job, Ron!


Kieth's Sweet Chevy Truck has that impossible to fake REAL patina, and a very tastefull "Resto Mod" stance going for it!  And we LOVE those wheels!  That look is so hard to pull off!  All this, and the fact it's Hot Rod Leather equipped, makes this one of our favs in the truck catagory!!  WELL DONE!


Utah's Mark B. is sporting a set of our classic Shorty Style Hood Straps on his flattie powered "FLAT OUT RACING" RPU.  Obviously, it's way more than just a "A Little Dicey"!  We LOVE the raw aluminum, riveted and louvered hood, an incredible look.  And check out the sanitary installation!  Notice that the top strap loops are mounted straight up, just UNDER the hood edge, rather than to the hood itself?  Man, what a fantastic job!


Minnesota's Skip N's RUDE little '30 American Austin runs a HOT vintage GM Four Banger, as well as a set of Custom Deuce Style Hot Rod Leather Hood Straps.  Check out the sanitary custom made SS top brackets on the straps, nicely done!  It's all in the details, and this thing is rich with incredible details!  All set for the summer show circuit...Well done, Skip!


NY's Chris C. runs a set of Hot Rod Leather "WHY" Style Hood Straps on this INCREDIBLE '31 A Coupe!  Check out the custom headers, are those awesome, or what? Our "WHY" Style Straps make it possible to run straps where nothing else will work due to header clearance issues - they're PERFECT  for this application!   Excellent job all around, Chris, looks like you got EVERYTHING right!!


Richard L from CT stuffed a '66 429 Caddy mill into his incredible '37 Packard Coupe.  Talk about a unique platform for a Hot Rod!  Richard opted for s simple single Custom Shorty Strap with an unusual angled lower mount.  We're proud to say, this Packard is now Hot Rod Leather equipped!  AWESOME RIDE!



Ken G from Texas sports a set of our "WHY?" Style Hood Straps on his AWESOME Powder Blue '30 Coupe.  Nice, clean installation! We love the look of the tire & wheel combo!



Joe R's PERFECT Gow Job tears up the streets of Redding, CA.  We love everything about this ride, from the

stance to the spinners, it's one of the best in this style we've ever seen!  And, I'm proud to say this ride is HOT ROD LEATHER EQUIPPED!


Jim S. prowls the blacktop of the Lone Star State in his BEAUTIFUL 3 Window Deuce!  I absolutely LOVE the two tone paintjob...this body style lends itself to this look, and I'm surprised we don't see more of them.  From the paint job, to the wheels to the Deuce Style Hood Straps from Hot Rod Leather, Jim got everything bang on!  Nice job!


Hot Rod Leather has customers 'round the globe, and John D. from The Land Down Under is one of them!  His STUNNING '28 Model A Coupe, "BLACK PLAGUE", is fantastic!  From the stance, to the wheels, to the ALL BLACK Shorty Style Hood Straps, we wouldn't change a THING!  Oh, and the Full Fender look?  NAILED IT! We've never seen better!  Well done, John!!


Hot Rod Leather really does supply Rod Builders 'round the globe!  Here's another example of our Deuce Style Hood Straps, on a sanitary '32 Sedan that belongs to Tom!  Oh, this Flattie Powered beauty tears up the blacktop of...(drum roll, please...) SWITZERLAND!?!  Yep, Hot Rodders are EVERYWHERE!  Nice job, Tom!  We totally dig Sedans, and it looks like you got EVERYTHING right on this outstanding example!


Gary H prowls the pavement around Granby MA in his RUDE STUDE PICKUP!  This truck features a z'd frame, front discs with quarter-ellipticals, and a four-bar rear.  Noise is supplied by a SUPERCHARGED '63 Stude 289 R2 backed by a 3-speed OD toploader!  If all this wasn't cool enough, that's the same paint it wore in the barn for 44 years!  Outstanding job, Gary!  OH! And that's a CUSTOM HOT ROD LEATHER HOOD STRAP that keeps the lid intact when Gary pushes the loud button!


You'll find this absolutely STUNNING example of a '29 Sedan wandering the streets of SoCal, driven by it's owner/builder, Brandon D!  I couldn't be more proud to say, it's sporting a set of Hot Rod Leather's very special "SHOW GRADE DELUXE FULL HOOD STRAPS"!  I've said it before and I'll say it again, Sedans are my favorite body style.  They're right at the top of my "I will own one someday" list!  This thing is as nice as we've ever seen.  The attention to quality is clearly seen a in every pristine detail.  Well done, Brandon!


NY states Kurt K scares the hell outta his passengers with his incredible 1953 MGTD!  In the family since 1961 and inherited as a pile of parts, it sports a '68 Corvette 327 350hp with aluminum heads and dual quads. The transmission is a turbo 350 and the rearend is a 1960 Corvette, narrowed with 3.70 posi gears...Oh, and get this, it only weighs 1980lbs! What's that word?  Oh, yah, "YIKES!"  Kurt tells me, "Hey, it's PEPPY and keeps the blood flowing...".  AAaaaa, yah, I guess so...And, what keeps the lid on under the massive g-forces of acceleration?  A nice set of Shorty Style Hood Straps from Hot Rod Leather, of course!  This car is one of my favorite Hot Rod "Mashups"...Extremely well done, Kurt!



Ryan K from Australia owns this BEAUTIFULl '32 3 window Higboy!  Flattie powered and sporting what look to be tre-97's, this ride is clearly built right!  And, with it's righthand drive, it's obviously "RIGHT" at home!  We couldn't be more proud to say it's running a set of our Deuce Style Hood Straps, so it's Hot Rod Leather Equipped!  Outstanding job, Ryan!