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GEARHEAD MAGAZINE-An "in print" magazine for, what else? GEARHEADS!...and other miscreants...nice rag!


THE GARAGE JOURNAL-Another great internet destination created by entrepreneur & Hot Rodder Ryan Cochran.  Great info. lots to do and see here-check it out!


DEAD END MAGAZINE-Man, these boys from Salinas, CA really know their stuff!  the photography is STUNNING, among the best in the business-Check this out!


TRADITIONAL SPEED and KUSTOM-Wanna see something REALLY kool?  Check this site out-like nothing I've seen on the net before.  Video features, tech articles, cool builds, man whoever put this thing together really has a good eye.  A little intimidating at first glance because there's so much there, but the first time I visited, I stayed for HOURS!  I just couldn't leave!  Check it out!


THE MILLER/OFFENHAUSER HISTORICAL SOCIETY-If you're into Hot Rods, you already know about these names, as they both changed the automotive world, not just in their times, but for many years afterward.  This website is chock full of great pictures, stories and information about Harry & Fred and the racecars and innovations that made them famous.  Plan on staying for a while!


MADE IN THE USA-This is a directory of companies that still make their products right here in the USA-Nothing more need be said...

Into VW's, too?  Maybe you're one of the "Volks Rod" crowd?  Most of us have at least owned a VW or two in our past...well, this is THE PREMIER site for all things Vintage VW, from Oval Windows to Barn Doors, this site has everything you could ever want, and then some...check it out:


These guys look to be building some pretty cool stuff, and they are clearly hard core Rodders!  If you're looking for a base for your next build, these guys have some pretty radical slammed frames for sale!   Check 'em out


Need CAD design done?  Got a sketch on a napkin for a cool part, and don't know how to get it made?  Well Scooter McRad is the guy to contact!  He can do simple or super complex CAD Designs for laser or water jet cutting, and can even make the parts.   He's also well versed at complex design for CNC Machined parts.  All this, and a HARDCORE HOT RODDER, TOO!  Contact Scooter here: